Medix 5-in1-Body Fat Analyzer Scale


Medix Body Fat Analyzer is a comprehensive 5-in1 body fat analyzer that provides detailed body composition analysis by measuring your weight, water, fat, bone and muscle mass to help you understand what is going on inside your body.

Age, gender, exercise frequency and height are taken intoconsideration when measuring your body-mass index. Other benefits include memory function and auto on & off function.


How to set personal information on the device?

How can I set the weight/height unit (kg/lb and cm/ft)?

How to take body fat measurements?

What does the icons on my LCD mean?

What does the result mean?

How many memories can I store?

Why did the monitor turned off after taking a measurement?

How to get an accurate reading?

Why did it not display the results after weighting?

Can the device be cleaned?

What type of battery is required?

Trouble Shooting

Trouble Shooting - Analyzer

Warranty & Servicing

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